1954 Passenger Car Roster

To maintain consistency in data entry and ease in searching, all class designations are entered in ALL CAPS and without hyphens ("-"). It should also be noted that for many years the PRR used an "R" suffix to designate cars with air conditioning. This practice was dropped in 1954 and this database does not include the suffix in the class field.

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Scope of Project

This is primarily an accurate roster of PRR passenger equipment as of 1954. It should be "all inclusive" as of that date. However, it is definitely not "all inclusive" over all time. Why? Sources of documentation are limited, and several renumberings severely hamper efforts. I secured original PRR documentation for 1954, but data for other periods is either unavailable or was not published formally by the PRR. I started with the 1954 data and, as I was adding details to the roster records from various sources, I added records for equipment that I came across that was either retired prior to 1954 or built after 1954 (Silverliners, Tubular Train, etc). While these records are maintained in the "control" database, they do not appear in the online 1954 roster.

This will never be an "all time, all inclusive" roster. The source material is not available, nor is the time to research it. For the post World War II modeler, however, this database should provide nearly all of what you might need for accurate modeling.

Unit Photos

If you can supply a photo of a unit that does not have a photo in its individual record, please send the image in .GIF or .JPG/.JPEG format to Jerry with a note of where and when the photo was taken and by whom. Thank you.

Photos Index

Database includes an index of published photos of passenger equipment from over 100 books in my collection. Still to be added are three extensive sources: Blardone/Tilp, Welsh, and Stegmaier (so please don't comment on absent references from these sources!).

I've also included photos from the following issues of magazines:

"The Keystone", Vol. 18 No. 4, Winter 1985 - "PRR Steel Dining Cars, Classes D70, D70A, D70AR, D70ASR, D70BR"

"The Keystone", Vol. 19 No. 4, Winter 1986 - "PRR Steel Dining Cars, Classes D70CR, D70DR, D70ER, and DL70"

I plan to include all photos from the entire life of "The Keystone".


The database was prepared as follows:

1. Started with Pullman sleepers and parlors that were purchased by the PRR. This information was originally provided by Gary Spear.

2. Added lightweight sleepers from a variety of "generally accepted" sources. These were built 1930 and later.

3. Added 1954 sleeper assignments from the PRR's Makeup of Trains, New York Division #7, dated September 26, 1954. For the most part, this document is limited to cars originating and terminating in New York City.

4. Added sleeper assignments from a PRR document dated February, 1954, detailing system-wide sleeper assignments. There were some conflicts with the information already entered from the Makeup of Trains, New York Division #7 booklet. In those cases, the existing information was maintained and the new information was placed into the Notes field. (I selected the September 1954 source as the primary due to my own personal modeling interests.)

5. Added other cars (head end, coaches, etc.) from an original copy of the Pennsyslvania Railroad Passenger Equipment Roster dated October, 1954. Note that there are holes in obvious series of road numbers. While it is likely that these cars existed, we are not adding them unless some form of proof, such as a photo, is documented. A road number's absence means it was no longer active on the roster as of 1954. It doesn't mean it didn't exist at one time.

6. Added truck types for selected cars. Data from Bob Colquitt's Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Equipment Roster.

7. Cross-referenced for errors/ommissions for the Budd-built and ACF-built lightweight cars with Randall's The Passenger Car Library, Volume Four, Mid-Atlantic Railroads.

8. Added data from "The Keystone", Vol. 18 No. 4, Winter 1985 - "PRR Steel Dining Cars, Classes D70, D70A, D70AR, D70ASR, D70BR"

9. Added data from "The Keystone", Vol. 19 No. 4, Winter 1986 - "PRR Steel Dining Cars, Classes D70CR, D70DR, D70ER, and DL70"

NOTE: The online database is only updated to this point.

10. Added data from "The Keystone", Vol. 36 No. 1, Spring 2003 - "D78, The Lines West Diner"

11: Cross-referenced for errors/ommissions for the Pullman-built lightweight sleeper cars with Randall's Pullman Standard Library, Volume Four: The Pennsylvania Railroad.