"Opening a New Frontier"

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OI2INeTnsSE Pennsylvania Railroad promotional film from 1955. Highlights the early intermodal road/rail 'piggyback' services.
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Had a very interesting discussion on several mailing lists as of late. Was asking for clarification on the use of telephone booths and clearance rules on the Milroy "Branch" for planning my operations, I made some very interesting discoveries...

The Employee Timetable for the Middle Division for 1954 breaks out the territories under ABS and MBS operation, and spells out clearance cards and train order protocols for same. But the Milroy "Branch" wasn't listed among them. So what authority was required for operations?

Turns out the Milroy "Branch" wasn't a "Branch", but a "Secondary". It's an important distinction, as the Definitions section of the Book

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Hello world!

Lewistown Junction
So, why did I choose Lewistown as the focal point of my new model railroad? I have always enjoyed main line railroading and the Pennsy's four-track main line is a favorite. I like large engine facilities. I've really come to enjoy yard drilling, than...
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