1954 Condensed Passenger Roster Pages Updated

The Passenger Class Pages on Keystone Crossings have, unfortunately, been in a state of disarray for about ten years.
Having seen success with the format of the 1954 Condensed Freight Roster page, I reformatted the passenger class information into a similar format. The 1954 Passenger Class/Model Cross Reference now features major groups of cars (head end, coach, sleeper, etc.) broken down by specific classes, ranked by their numbers in the roster. The quantities of cars on the roster are shown for each class, followed by notes on the class, and a list of available HO scale models representing the class.
For most classes, the Class column provides an automated search of the 1954 Passenger Roster, providing direct access to road numbers, individual car reference material, and photo cross-references.
Eventually I hope to link the Plan numbers to the plans as posted on prr.railfan.net, but that's another project for down the road.

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