Annual Meeting Wrap


The New England Chapter of the Pennsylvania Technical & Historical Society did a great job organizing and running the 2016 annual meeting. A few highlights:

Future Annual Meetings:

The 2017 meeting will be held in Camp Hill again, the third weekend in May. The host is to be determined.

The 2018 meeting will be held in Altoona at the Blair County Convention Center, the weekend of Mother's Day. 

The 2019 meeting will be held in Lancaster, with the banquet being held at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. The venue will be the Host Inn, which has just been sold and is being remodeled. The Philadelphia Chapter will be host.

The 2020 meeting will tentatively see a return to State College.

The 2021 meeting will tentatively be held in Ohio or Indiana.

The 2022 meeting will tentatively see a return to Camp Hill.

Modeling Committee:

Bowser is working on a phase three RS-3, HO scale, that will be Pennsy specific. Design work has been completed and tooling is next. There will eventually be a "hammerhead" unit as well.

Spring Mills Depot is working on a Pennsy HO scale project. The hints are that production started in 1958 and there were over 7,000 of them. [Pretty easy to figure out!]

Broadway Limited Imports gave the Modeling Committee the go ahead to pre-announce two HO scale Pennsy projects. The first is streamlined K4s steam locomotives. The second is P5A boxcab motors. 

Feedback from N scalers was very positive on the BLI M1a/b and Centipedes that were recently released.

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