EMD E7 PRR Class EP20 Announced

Broadway Limited Imports has announced a new run of EMD E7 A and B locomotives in PRR Tuscan Red / Single Stripe. The Pennsy classed these EP20.

EMD built the E-Units between 1937 through 1963. Originally the name E unit referred to the fact that these units boasted of eighteen hundred horsepower. This designation remained throughout the E unit production even though later models incorporated higher horsepower ratings. Due to the technology of the time, E units like many locomotives used multiple units to achieve the required power. EMD offered cabled units called B or booster units. Some railroads ordered AB, ABB or ABA units depending on power needs. E6s were manufactured by EMD in La Grange, Illinois, between the years 1939 and 1941. To achieve 2,000 horsepower, EMD combined two 1,000 horsepower, 12 cylinder, model 567 engines inside of the engine compartment.

The Pennsy typically ran ABA consists. There are three PRR offerings:

2725 EMD E7A/B, PRR #5845A/5848B, Tuscan Red, Single Stripe, A-unit Paragon2 Sound/DC/DCC, B-unit Unpowered, HO MSRP: $399.99

2731 EMD E7A, PRR #5864A, Tuscan Red, Single-stripe, Paragon2 Sound/DC/DCC, HO MSRP: $289.99

2732 EMD E7B, PRR #5864B, Tuscan Red, Single-stripe, Paragon2 Sound/DC/DCC, HO MSRP: $249.99

Delivery is scheduled for Summer 2014.

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