Follow The Build: Scratchbuilt Crossing, Part 3

IMG 1290

With our four rail segments assembled, we set them aside and begin work on the ties, starting at the center and working outward.

The ties are cut from 36" lengths of strip wood purchased at the local hobby shop, which were painted ahead of time with Rail Brown.

The ties are cut in groups of three of the same length. Using the tracings as a guide, three are cut to the length required one tie out from the center. They are then glued in place with Elmers wood glue. Every third tie tracing is marked and the process is repeated, cutting the ties to the length required for every third tie. Weights are added as room allows.

IMG 1291

The process continues through the area where the diverse routes overlap. Once outside the overlap, the ties on the flex track will be in place.

IMG 1292

This is a really easy step, though one that would be more complicated for a turnout. Next time around we'll attach the rail assemblies to the ties.

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