Follow The Build: Scratchbuilt Crossing, Part 4

IMG 1335

In my last blog on the subject, I demonstrated the process of gluing the ties to the template. In this entry, we affix the four rail assemblies to the ties.

Be reminded that we left all of the rails "running long". During this process they will be trimmed back. Facing the turnout, the lower quadrant assembly is laid on top of the template and pinned in place. The left, acute angle piece is then manipulated into place. A track gauge is used extensively to get the lower left track spacing just right. The rails extending to the left of the frog are marked and trimmed. This will electrically isolate the frog. The frog is returned to place and glued to the ties with CA.

IMG 1293

The through rail on the lower assembly is then trimmed up against the left frog, leaving just enough gap to isolate the rail. When absolutely certain that the track spacing in the lower left quadrant is still correct, the left half of the assembly is glued to the ties with CA.

The process is repeated while adding the right acute angle assembly and then the upper assembly.

IMG 1294

The lead photo shows the completed crossing (so far) with all four assemblies glued to the ties. The CA is only intended to be temporary until the track is spiked.

The photo below shows the crossing in place on the model railroad...

IMG 1334

Next steps: Placing the assembled crossing on a piece of homasote and spiking down all of the rails. Then guide rails will be constructed and affixed opposite the frogs.

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