Follow The Build: Scratchbuilt Crossing, Part 5

IMG 1415

IMG 1390My next task on this project was to spike down the rails which had been temporarily CA'd to the ties. 

I built upon a triple layer of homabed. I thought I had decent spikes on hand, but as the photo (right) illustrates, the heads are a bit heavy! The Timonium show is in a few weeks and I will shop for some more realistic spikes and replace them. I had to continue with something in order to make progress.

Following spiking, the next step was to create the four guard rails and then spike them in place (below). I then trimmed the homabed down to a more managable size for installation on the layout.

IMG 1391

My mainline track sits on HO scale cork roadbed, branch lines on N scale cork roadbed, and sidings directly on the plywood subroadbed. This crossing happens to be at Milroy at the end of the Milroy Secondary. It is a crossing of sidings to create a runaround, which replaced a wye during the mid-1950s.

As a siding, no cork roadbed was in place, so I had to cut out the plywood subroadbed to allow placement of the crossing assembly. I had to place support from the underside of the hole (see below). The lead photo shows the crossing in place. 

IMG 1397

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