Follow The Build: The X26 and X26c, Part 3

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Work continues with my seven car effort on the current PRR Pro project -- X26 series box cars. Above is a view of my mass production line!

Grabs, grabs, and more grabs! That's the topic for this post. The Funaro & Camerlengo resin kits include brass grabs... I believe from Tichy Train Group. Each grab requires the drilling of two #78 holes.

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The X26c cars aren't too bad. With two on each end and two on each side, that's only eight grabs... 16 holes. The X26's? Nine on each end and nine on each side, that's 36 grabs.... 72 holes!

My MO (modus operandi) for grabs is to create a pool of CA on my cutting mat. I then grasp the grab with a pair of small pliers and "dip" the two ends of the grab into the pool. I can then position and insert the grabs into the pre-drilled holes without excess CA.

It took a few sessions to get all of the grabs done. Per the instructions, the underbody details should be next, but I skipped ahead to the roof walks. I did the main roof walk during one session and allowed them to dry before adding the small platforms at each end.

As an aside, you can see that one of my X26's is short a few grabs (below). That's because they launched into orbit! I lost a few of the straight grabs on the X26c's also, but had some on hand from my last project. I'll need to order some drop grabs from Tichy.

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