HO Scale: BLI Projects "At Risk"



BLI K4s Stream Paint

Broadway Limited Imports has reported to the Society's Modeling Committee that three HO scale projects are "at risk" due to low reservations. The three projects are the Streamlined K4s, the P5A box cab motor, and the GG1 motor.

Based on feedback during the recent annual meeting, the basis for low reservations related to one or more of the following:

Broadway Limited's Schedule page has not, and does not, list these three models. Many prospective buyers look to this list for potential reservations.

Broadway Limited's Products page, though it lists the Streamline K4 under the HO Steam link, has no links to the P5 or GG1 project as there are no HO Electric links. (There is an HO Electrics "category" down the left side that does have the info, but that seems to be the last place everyone looks, including myself!)

The majority of online retailers do not list these products for reservation, citing that they haven't been formally announced by Broadway Limited. Yes, Walthers lists them, but they only list them at full retail, so that typically isn't an option. I can tell you that Factory Direct Trains does have them listed, though the motors are listed under diesels! Tony's Trains has the K4 and GG1 listed, but not the P5.

Please, bug your dealer to get reservations in if you want to see these projects come to light!

Did you know that this iteration of the GG1 will be the first with a flat pilot? Broadway Limited's GG1 Product Page

If the box cab project is a success, can the modified be far behind? Broadway Limited's P5a Box Cab Product Page

Who doesn't need a streamline K4s -- the Lionel factor! Broadway Limited's Streamline K4s Product Page

So get those reservations in... operators are standing by (somewhere)!

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