HO Scale: EMD F3, PRR EF15 Phase IIA Announced

f3 phII early

Broadway Limited Imports has announced a run of HO scale EMD F3 Phase IIA units that include PRR EF15 livery and road numbers.

The Pennsy rostered 6A and 8B units of the Phase IIA variety. Phase IIA units are recognized by their high fans. The Pennsy units arrived without trainphone and small numberboards. The trainphone was added shortly after delivery and the numberboards were later replaced. It is unknown at this time if the Broadway Limited units will feature trainphone or small numberboards (the photo above is from Keystone Crossings, not BLI marketing literature).

The MSRP is $399.99 for AB sets and $289.99 for single units. The ETA is unknown at this time. The following have been announced:

  • 4823 EMD F3 A/Unpowered B, PRR 9501A/9501B, DGLE Single-Stripe
  • 4832 EMD F3 A, PRR 9503A, DGLE Single-Stripe
  • 4833 EMD F3 B, PRR 9503B, DGLE Single-Stripe

Unpainted units and other road names have also been announced.

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