HO Scale G22 Gondola Released

Funaro & Camerlengo have three new offerings for the 2013 PRRT&HS Annual Meeting. First up is the Class G22 gondola...

The G22 was 48' long with straight sides, 12 side stakes, fixed ends, and of riveted construction. Four thousand were built between 1915-16.

Between 1916-17, another 2,150 were built as class G22a and featured drop ends.

In 1930, 491 class G22 and G22a were rebuilt as class G22b.

All three classes had 2E-F2 Crown trucks, though some G22b had 2F-F3 or 2F-F4 trucks.

Per the 1954 freight roster, the G22 was the most prevalent of the gondolas, accounting for 12% of the fleet, with 4,862 still rostered. At the time there were still 425 G22b and 7 G22a roaming the rails. Many G22 family gondolas survived through to Penn Central.

The MSRP of this kit is $xxxx. A G22 kit has been previously available by Westerfield.

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