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HO Scale: More PRR X58 Box Cars


Tangent Scale Models has announced their next production of Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) class X58  box cars. Shipping will commence on February 20th.

Between 1964 and 1966, the Pennsylvania Railroad built a large fleet of new multiple-purpose boxcars. Constructed as class “X58,” PRR rapidly produced 2,565 cars, plus another 100 for Lehigh Valley. PRR outfitted the interiors of some cars with “loader” appliances and/or insulation which resulted in PRR designating 4 sub-classes: X58, X58A, X58B, and X58C. Being highly-useful boxcars, X58 boxcars were rampant nationwide roamers during their service life. Because of the quality and utility of this large fleet, many X58s lasted beyond the Conrail era, with some being repainted into NS. Most cars were retired in the mid-2000s.

Many X58 cars labored in original PRR paint for 30+ years. Some X58 cars were shopped and painted during the Penn Central era, where PC typically removed the roof running boards and also lowered the brake appliances and ladders. Cars shopped during the Conrail era typically had their roof running boards removed yet retained their high brake appliances. Tangent offers these “time-distinctive” phase variations with their RTR models. The Tangent Scale Models HO scale PRR X58 replicas also include one key production variation: either a Keystone or Hydra-cushion underframe. Their PRR X58 includes “near-scale” extended-length draft sill with side “key” detail and “trombone-style” coupler lift bars, plus accurate ASF 70-ton roller bearing trucks as utilized by PRR. Finally, the models are equipped with free-rolling CNC-machined wheels and Kadee scale couplers.

The new release includes the following paint schemes, presented in chronological order:

- PRR "Original 1964 X58A" w/ LD in the attractive “PRR freight car red” scheme wearing yellow “LD” and “Cushioned Car” stencils, plus a sharp PRR white keystone. This PRR was the “classic” scheme and if you saw a PRR car during the PC or CR eras, it was likely one of these. Like PRR paint practices, this car has an unpainted galvanized roof and running board, except for the ends that have the characteristic paint spray line as seen in overhead photos of these cars when fresh. Our second run of PRR painted cars has a hydra-cushion underframe and represents production from 11-64. 

- LV "Original 1965 X58" Insulated w/ LD in the very attractive and memorable white carside with black ends scheme, plus the Cornell red flag logo on the door. PRR produced the legendary X58 boxcars for Lehigh Valley, a railroad that they had part ownership of. The white cars include black “LD” and “Insulated” stencils, plus the large “LEHIGH VALLEY” spelled out in the panels of the right side of the car. Like PRR paint practices, this car has an unpainted galvanized roof and running board, except for the ends that have the characteristic paint spray line as seen in overhead photos of these cars when fresh. These gorgeous models have a keystone underframe and represents production from 11-65, and include an accurate tiny return route stencil box like their prototypes. 

- PC "1968 X58 Repaint" in distinctive PC green with large “red and white” worms, a standard painting practice for PC. This series of cars includes a hydra-cushion underframe, and typical of many PC repaints is detailed to accurately replicate a car with a full shopping. This model features no running board, lowered side and end ladders, and lowered brake appliances. Additionally, each car has tiny one inch lettering that identifies the former PRR car number each car represents. Finally, like the prototype cars, this car includes a “raised plate” ACI label. 

- PC "1974 PRR X58A Paintout" w/ LD retains the original PRR freight car red paint but includes patch marks over the stenciling – this is a “bandit” or “paintout” car. This stunning model includes a “painted out” PRR keystone and a PC logo applied on top of it! Also included is a PC reporting mark applied over the PRR reporting mark, as well as a new PC series number applied over the PRR series number. Of course we have also accurately portrayed the shop reweigh with an 11-74 date. 

- CR "1978 X58A Repaint" harkens to the Conrail “large can opener” days, representing a typical 1978 era repaint. This stunning red scheme has all of the appropriate stenciling to represent a 1978 car including stacked COTS stencils and a U-1 wheel stencil. Typical of most Conrail “shopped” X58s this one retains the high brakewheel and ladders at the B end, with cut down ladders at the A end of the car. Like its prototype, this scheme includes a hydra-cushion underframe. 

- CR "LV 1979 X58 Restencil" represents a “paintout” car for the Conrail era modelers. This car retains the “Insulated” and “LD” graphics of the original LV car, as well as the LV flag. However, the large “LEHIGH VALLEY” and the LV reporting marks and number have been painted out just like the prototype was, including two different shades of gray. The car includes the CR initials and road number, as well as a “RDG 4-79” reweigh, and is a match for this 1979 restencil model available with 1 road number. This car will go well with our “native” LV cars since the majority of LV cars retained their LV paint. 

Additionally, three RTR pre-painted undecorated cars ready for decals:
- Painted RTR "PRR Freight Car Red" cars are immediately ready for decaling! This series of cars include keystone underframes.
- Painted RTR "PC Green" cars are immediately ready for decaling! This PC variant includes a hydra-cushion underframe, and lowered brake appliances and ladders in accordance with typical PC shop practices. This car is just waiting for decals!
- Painted RTR "Conrail Red" are available as well with hydra-cushion underframe, also ready for a decal project.

A limited supply of Norfolk Southern RTR models and undecorated/unpainted kits are also available.

Features for Tangent’s awesome X58 box car replicas include:
- Dimensionally-correct exterior post box car with trademark 1960s design features, produced from actual PRR blueprints and from photos and measurements taken from a real X58 at the Danbury Rail Museum in Danbury CT
- Different roof, brake appliance, side/end ladder, and center door arm variations correct for the era / paint scheme of each paint scheme
- Two different underframe variations: hydra-cushion and keystone
- Separate door rods and door roller detail
- “See-through” running board and crossover platform
- Full “lacy” AB brake detail and train air line
- Highly correct “true to life” colors
- “Hyper-Accurate” lettering including exact fonts and lettering placement
- Durable wire grab irons and “trombone-style” coupler lift bars
- Separate air hoses
- “Near-scale” extended draft gear box with beautifully-rendered side “key” detail
- Kadee® “scale-head” couplers
- CNC-machined 33” wheels in ASF 70-ton roller bearing trucks, matching PRR practice
- Replacement 33” semi-scale wheels are available separately from Tangent
- Recommended age 14 years and older

Pricing for RTR models is $44.95. High-resolution images showing these fine replicas are available at and the site also includes prototype images of each paint scheme for reference as well.

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