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HO Scale: PRR 1960's Broadway Limited Announced

broadway header2 2015

Walthers has announced their name train for 2015... and it is Pennsy!

Walthers is producing a 1960s era Broadway Limited that will be released car by car over several months in 2016.

Leading the train are brand new EMD E8's, PRR class EP22, in the 1956 single stripe scheme:

Pennsylvania EP-22 E8A Diesels

  • Limited Edition - one-time run of these engine numbers
  • Available with SoundTraxx® Tsunami® sound for DCC and DC layouts
  • Based on class EP-22 units from 1956 on featuring:
    • Post-1956 single stripe scheme with 16" name and keystone logo
    • NEW brass Leslie S3J air horn
    • Train phone antenna
    • Deskirted fuel tanks
    • MU equipment
    • Nose-mounted grab irons

The new cars feature the following:

  • New deskirted cars as seen from 1960 onward
  • New BM70n RPO-Baggage
  • New five-bedroom Harbor Series Lounge
  • View Series Observation with new large tail sign
  • All grab irons factory-installed & painted
  • Prototypically accurate window tinting & printed window gasket detail as appropriate
  • Authentic paint, lettering & striping

70' PRR BM70n Railway Post Office-Baggage
70' PRR BM70n Railway Post Office-Baggage

85' Budd
85' Budd Inn Series 21-Roomette Sleeper
85' Pullman-Standard
85' Pullman-Standard Creek Series 12 Duplex 4 Bedroom Sleeper85' ACF
85' ACF Imperial Series 4-4-2 Sleeper, Plan #9009
85' Pullman-Standard
85' Pullman-Standard Harbor Series 5 Bedroom Lounge85' Budd 68-Seat Full Diner #4610, 4614-4622
85' Budd 68-Seat Full Diner #4610, 4614-4622
85' Budd Kitchen-Dormitory #4611, 4615-4623
85' Budd Kitchen-Dormitory #4611, 4615-4623
85' Pullman-Standard
85' Pullman-Standard Rapids Series 10-6 Sleeper, Plan #412985' Pullman-Standard
85' Pullman-Standard View Series 2 Master Bedroom, 1 Bedroom-Buffet-Lounge-Observation

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