HO Scale PRR Class X26 Released

PRR Class X26 Box Car

Funaro & Camerlengo has released an HO scale PRR class X26 box car. The model features a one piece body, is modernized with a Hutchins roof, AB brakes & decals. The MSRP is $44.99 and the following versions are offered:

    • 8200 Side Ladders, New & Spliced Youngstown Doors


    • 8201 Side Ladders, Creco & Spliced Car Builders Doors


    • 8202 Side Grabirons, New & Spliced Youngstown Doors


    • 8203 Side Grabirons, Creco & Spliced Car Builders Doors

The X26 was a 40' 50-ton single sheathed USRA boxcar. 9900 were built and featured a capacity of 100,000 lbs., 3098 cu. ft., and lt. wt. 47300 lbs. They featured three panel 5/5/5 murphy ends and seven panel Superior or Youngstown doors.

Over the years thousands were rebuilt into classes X26A, X26B, X26c, X26D, and X26E. Roster numbers of the original class dropped to less than 1,000 in 1953 and only a baker's dozen remained in 1968.

Westerfield and Tichy have previously offered the X26. Both F&C and Sunshine have offered the X26C.

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