HO Scale: PRR K4s Re-run Announced (with a twist)


Broadway Limited Imports has announced a fresh run of PRR K4s 4-6-2 Pacifics with their Paragon3 system... and a new twist!

In the traditional "pre-war" design, numbers 3683, 3739, 3846, and unlettered have been announced. In "post-war, numbers 3740, 3849, 3858, and unlettered have been announced.

Now for "the twist": BLI is, for the first time, offering the "pre-war" K4s with a 210F75 long-haul tender! Numbers 5385 and 5365 have been announced.

To guarantee delivery, order by: February 19, 2016. Delivery is set for May 2016. MSRP is $449.99.

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