HO Scale: PRR X37B Box Car Released


Funaro & Camerlengo has released the PRR X37B box car as a resin kit.

The X37B was a 40' double-door steel box car built by the PRR in 1940. The cars featured 5/5 dreadnaught ends, 9 panel sides (4 to left, 5 to right of door), straight side sills from bolster to bolster, 12'6" double doors (7' & 5'6"), 6 rung elevated ladders - grab iron for 7th bottom rung, and an X29 style lap panel roof w/ depressions for end walks. All cars (except for cars 64400-65399 equipped with Alan Wood steel running boards) had wooden running boards when new. Some had Youngstown doors while others had Superior doors.

The cars were equipped with racks for automobile side panels and transmissions. Many were in dedicated service, as follows:

7/12/40: 226 cars, Ford Motor Co., Roofs, 1941 Model, RWE (Return When Empty) PRR Detroit
4/30/41: 34 cars, Ford Motor Co., Body Parts, RWE DT&I Detroit
8/13/45: 18 cars, American Viscose Corp., Rayon, RWE PRR Lewistown PA
8/13/45: 400 cars, Ford Motor Co., Ford Side Panels, RWE PRR Midvale, Philadelphia

Two batches of cars were constructed...

The first batch of 1000 were numbered 64400-65399 and were AAR class XM, XAP, XP, and XMP. Cars 64400-64699 had 2D-F22A (Barrett-Whitehead) trucks, cars 64700-64723 had 2D-F22B (Barrett-Whitehead) trucks, cars 64724-64799 had 2D-F21A (Young) trucks, cars 64800-65299 had 2D-F17A (Elsey) trucks, cars 65300-65398 had 2D-F24 (Buckeye) trucks, and single car 65399 had 2D-F17A (Elsey) trucks.

The second batch of 500 were numbered 66900-67399 and were AAR class XAP, XM, XML, XL, XMP, and XP. Though the car numbers are unknown, the following trucks are known to have been used: 2D-F17a (Elsey), 2D-F20 (National Malleable), 2D-F20 (National Malleable), 2D-F21 (Young), 2D-F22 (Barrett-Whitehead), and 2D-F23 (Allied full cushion).

Over 300 cars lasted into Penn Central.

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