Keystone Crossings Update

It's been a while since I've offered up any kind of update on Keystone Crossings. Going on 20 years, I'm not adding that much to the site these days. However, time hasn't been its friend, especially for image management.

The image manager I had been using until a few years ago broke, and I twice migrated to another tool. In both cases, their use "broke down" before I even finished relinking everything. In recent months I migrated to Google Photos, which seems to work well. When you go to the Photo Gallery, you are seeing my images via Google Photos. They are all loaded, but I only have about 30% of the captions back in.

The images included in articles had become deplorable. More links were broken than I had imagined. As of this evening, I have completed relinking all images to articles. Next up, reviewing several hundred blog entries for broken image links.

I've also restructured the content to better leverage the capabilities of the content management system (CMS). Though the menus are the same, rather than leading to a static page that links to other documents, the menu provides a directory of all of the articles in the category.

Over the past few months I have made major updates to The P70 in the Passenger Car Fleet page, as well as the Lewistown XA page in the Hobo's guide. The latter has a lot of info on the progression of towers serving Lewistown over the years.

Though not directly related to the Pennsy, I have taken over Bruce Friedman's November model railroad open house tour. Bruce has retired after 25 years. You can find the new site at If you are in PA or NJ and would like to participate, please visit the site and contact the appropriate regional coordinator.

I do have more content coming. Much of it is already scanned and ready to post, but I want to complete the image cleanup first. Stay tuned!

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