PRR Class D82B Diner Arrives

Budd Class D82B #4502

In 1939, the Pennsylvania Railroad ordered 15 diners in the 4502-4517 number series. Five were ordered from Budd (D82B, #'s 4502-4506), ACF (D82C, #'s 4507-4511), and Pullman Standard (D82A, #5412, 4514-4517).

In the Makeup of Trains document, the only differentiation between diners is "diner" vs. "twin unit diner". I am modeling a 1950's version of the Pennsylvania Limited and the Makeup of Trains only reveals that it carried a single unit diner. That leaves a lot of possibilities.

Fortunately, I have quite a collection of CT220's. These are consist reports of a specific train on a specific day. During the fifties, I found that D82C #4507 and D82B #4502 were regulars on the Pennsylvania Limited.

I was examining options for scratch building when I learned that Challenger had released the D82 in brass. Unaware of specifics, I kept my eyes open on eBay. Sure enough, one showed up after several months. To my dismay, the auction disappeared before it closed; withdrawn by the seller. I learned that he sold the entire collection outside of eBay. It took many months, but eventually another surfaced and I was able to snag it.

D82B #4502 arrived today and she is a beauty. She wears "Fleet of Modernism" livery. Though many speculate that some cars may have made it to the fifties still wearing this striking paint scheme, it is highly doubtful that a D82B did. I have no intention of destroying a fantastic factory paint job, so call it "modeler's license". The car is complete with blinds and interior, right down to place settings on the table!

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