PRR J1 #6173 Rostered

The PRR Middle Division has received Class J1 #6173 from the shops of Broadway Limited Imports. A Blue Line J1 had previously been rostered but was sold when the Paragon 2 series units were announced.

Prototypically the J1's did not venture east of Altoona. There were tunnel clearance issues at Spruce Creek and a bridge clearance issue at Marysville that prevented entry into Enola. However, any respective model railroad has to have at least one, right?

Quite a few locomotives are due in the coming months, including an Atlas Alco S-2, a Bowser Baldwin DS 4-4-1000, an ABA set of Athearn Genesis EMD F7's, a pair of Broadway Limited H10s consolidations, and a Bowser Baldwin S-12. To top that, it looks like the BLI Baldwin RF-16 freight sharks are finally coming as well.

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