Roster Additions

Thanks to a huge auction of new model railroad products in Harrisburg this past weekend, the PRR Middle Division in HO Scale has made several roster additions.

First up is a pair of EMD E7 A/B lashups -- Pennsy class EP20, nos. 5846 and 5850 -- from Broadway Limited Imports. Both sets are in DGLE five stripe livery and are factory-equipped with DCC and sound.

Next is a 2-8-8-2 Mallet -- Pennsy class HH-1, no. 373 -- from Life Like Heritage. This represents a class purchased from the Norfolk & Western. Although the last of the class was scrapped circa 1949, this is one example where I am expanding beyond my era. Hey, it's my railroad! ;-)

Finally, a pair of Western Maryland EMD GP-7's in "Fireball" scheme -- nos. 20 and 22 -- from Life Like Proto 2000. These will be used on the Pennsylvania Midland bridge route.

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