Roster Additions

Today I acquired a number of roster additions, mostly in the MoW area, along with a few structures, vehicles, figures, etc. Let's start off in the varnish department...

The JAMES McCREA is a POS211 observation. Similar to the POS21 that Walthers released with their Broadway Limited series, one side has a slightly different window arrangement. This car was a kitbash.

JULIET is a B70 scenery car. I believe this model is a completed Bethlehem Car Works kit.

Roster Photo Gallery

New on the freight roster is an X40B in Merchandise Service scheme. I believe this car was a kitbash and I have yet to confirm if it is prototypic or not.

On to maintenance of way... I acquired four ex-FM flats that are configured to carry continuous welded rail. Amazingly, the model tracks around curves just like the real thing!

The real "win" is the complete Lewistown wreck train, as defined in the PRRT&HS book Lewistown and the Pennsylvania Railroad. Right down to the road numbers, the consist matches the prototype car for car. I have yet to determine if most of the cars are the "Westie" ex-XL camp cars or scratch builds. The consist includes the following:

  • W-150B oil-fired wreck derrick 495776
  • Ex-GR gondola 491228 in use as an idler car
  • Ex-90F75 tender 498933 converted to provide fuel for the wreck derrick
  • Ex-GR gondola 488189 in use to carry materials and supplies
  • Ex-XL box car 489859 converted to a tool car
  • Ex-XL box car 489860 converted to a cable car
  • Ex-XL box car 492175 converted to a riding/locker car
  • Ex-XL box car 492174 converted to a commissary car

Also, Y4 scale test car 490366, N5 cabin 492318, and H30 covered hopper 498061. The latter two are stenciled in lettering that is technicallty too late for my modeling era. This is the H30 pictured in the Society's book in captive sand service.

Now on to some questions...

Ex-XL 496064 is a camp car of some sort. Can anyone provide the role?

Flat car 31019 is configured with end bulkheads and side caging and has a tie load. Were these cars dedicated in tie service or were they used for other loads?

This flanger was in the group. Anyone know if this is a commercial car or was it scratch built?

And finally, this group of self-propelled equipment. When did they come into use? Were they dispatched as a group or only specific pieces for specific tasks? If they went out as a group, in what order and facing which direction?

All in all, a very good day!

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