HO Scale EMD E8's From Walthers Ship

Walther's has shipped their E8A's (PRR class EP22) and matching E7B's (PRR class EP20) to complement their now complete Broadway Limited train set.

The units are painted Tuscan Red with five Dulux Gold (buff) stripes, appropriate for 1953 and later.

Like their prototypes, Walthers Broadway Limited E8As include Train Phone antenna, an improved air horn replica, nose lift rings and much more. Multiple unit numbers are available for both E8A and E7B units, and they're factory-finished in authentic paint, lettering and striping to match the cars. Other features include: * See-Through Air Intake Grilles * Painted Metal Grab Irons, Handrails & Lift Rings * Superb Paint & Lettering * Five-Pole, Skew-Wound, High-Torque, High-Efficiency Can Motor * Helical Gears with 12:1 Ratio for Smooth, Ultra-Quiet Running * Correct 36" Wheels * Easy Multiple-Unit Operation * Proto MAX Metal Knuckle Couplers. Sound Units Feature: * Dual Speaker Design * 32mm Diameter Speakers * Accurate Nathan M3 Horn Sound.

See Walther's web site.

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