Growing up in a family of model railroaders, Sheila was introduced to the hobby at an early age. She was given her first engines at 11, a Lifelike Conrail GP38-2 and a Minitrix Pennsylvania F9. Her collection grew and was refined to accurately depict equipment from the Pennsylvania Railroad in the mid 1950's, 1960's, late 1960's-1970 Penn Central, and 1970's Conrail. In her mid 20's she teamed with local Pennsylvania modeler and friend Daun Yeagley in building a small layout modeling Yellow Creek, Ohio and surrounding areas. She works as a corporate pilot flying small business jets. When she is off duty and not working on railroading she can typically be found hiking, building model aircraft, working on her Scirocco, railfanning, or visiting local rail/air museums on layovers.

Jerry Britton grew up in the shadow of the Reading Railroad, but somehow attached himself to the Pennsy at an early age. Jerry is the publisher of the Keystone Crossings family of internet and social media sites, as well as the site. Jerry models the Pennsy in HO scale, set in the 1950s around Lewistown, Pa. Jerry is the chief information security officer for the Pennsylvania State Police.

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