2015 HO Scale Modelers Survey

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The survey asks respondents to indicate their most desired models in each of several categories, including steam power, diesel power, electric power, freight rolling stock, passenger rolling stock, etc. Each category is pre-populated with several choices that a committee feels are among the needed. There is also an option for voters to add their own choice, in some cases. On the advice of several industry insiders, it was suggested that we collect some demographic information as well as break down and refine a few of the categories. No demographic data will be shared. It will only be tabulated to create a profile of the modeling community that responded. Survey results are sent to several dozen manufacturers. Though our survey is unscientific, and does not take into account quantities each modeler may desire, we have noted that each year many of our top desires are announced as products within 12-18 months. So perhaps this data provides a pulse point to the industry.

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The Keystone Crossings annual [b]HO Scale Modelers Survey[/b]...

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