Keystone Crossings is pleased to offer several databases online. Data is maintained off-site and regularly updated to the online MySQL databases. There are practical limitations on the presentation of relational data over the web. As a volunteer effort, we will extend functionality as time and technology allows.

Steam Locomotive Roster - The all-time steam roster. Data includes renumbering information. Sincere gratitude is extended to the late William D. Edson, whose roster work was the basis for this database.

Diesel Locomotive Roster - The all-time diesel roster. Uses diesel class nomenclatures as of the 1950s. Does not reflect renumbering in anticipation of the Penn Central merger.

Electric Locomotive Roster - The all-time electric motor roster.

1954 Passenger Car Roster - (pending data refresh; data may be incomplete) All passenger equipment on the roster as of September 26, 1954. Known assignments are included, as is repainting and other relevant data.

1957 Cabin Car Roster - All cabin cars on the roster as of 1957. Includes assignments, presence of trainphones, etc.

Passenger Consist Reports - An index of available CT220 passenger consist reports in PDF format. Searchable by era, train number, train name, etc.

Periodicals Index - (pending data refresh) An index of Pennsy periodicals, and Pennsy content in other periodicals.

PRRT&HS Mechanical Files Archive - Index of over 27,000 files in the Society's Mechanical Files archive collection.