Job Description: Lewistown Yard

The Yardmaster directs yard crews and engages in subordinate's work as needed. They receive empty car order waybills from the Freight Agent and assign available freight cars appropriately. They order empty cars from Altoona/Enola as needed. 

The Lewistown Drill Crew classifies and build trains at the direction of the Yardmaster. They also service customers within the Lewistown (LX) limits and hostle locomotives.


The title bar of the waybill is color coded for the convenience of the Yardmaster. and Drill Crew The color is an indicator of the destination of the shipment, making classification easier. The waybill may also include routing information.

Waybill Color Codes for Destinations:
 Newport Turn (LE)  
 Mount Union Turn (LW) 
  Lewistown Junction (XA) 
 Lewistown Secondary (LN) 
 Milroy Secondary (39) 

Assignment of tracks for classification is at the discretion of the Yardmaster. Tabs are provided for use in the car card boxes to provide quick reference as to assignment of tracks.

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Control Panel

At present all switches are manually controlled