Seniority Roster

43rd Sub-Division

One credit of service is confered for each operating session attended. One credit is confered for crewing for an open house.

A Fully Qualified Operator has successfully completed each operating position job at least once. The positions are: Mainline Crew #1 (MC1), Mainline Crew #2 (MC2), Mainline Crew #3 (MC3), Lewistown Yardmaster (LY), Lewistown Drill (LD), Lewistown Secondary Turn (LST), Milroy Secondary Turn (MST), Naginey Stone Turn (NST), Burnham Steel Turn (BST), LEWIS Tower Operator (LTO), and Pennsylvania Midland Operator (PMO). The division superintendent reserves the right to add or remove positions without notice to the union.

At this time, seniority provides no advantage.

Name Post Date Service Credits Fully Qualified Operator MC1 MC2 MC3 LY LD LST MST NST BST LTO PMO