BLI H10s Update

Broadway Limited Imports has posted a video featuring the PRR H10s on their YouTube channel at

BLI goes out of its way to thank the PRRT&HS for its help in bringing this model to market, and specifically calls out the efforts of Bruce Smith!

The H10s is due in March. In the video, BLI refers to a second run which will feature a "Lines East" tender, a version asked for since the original announcement.
Bruce Smith writes "It is my understanding that the 2nd run will be equipped with a 90F81 tender (that's a modified I1s tender) and will have a stoker.  While this is not the most common tender seen on H10s locos on 'Lines East', it represents an accurate variant for the H10s (as opposed to some other models being released soon)."
They won't be in Santa's sleigh for the holidays, but they will be here soon enough!
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