Bowser Tooling For Sale

Received an e-mail from Bowser today...

Bowser Manufacturing Company Inc.

After a thorough review of our forward planning and business objectives, Bowser Manufacturing Company Inc. has decided to sell the tooling for all formerly manufactured Steam Locos, Cary, Arbour, Selley and O & Standard Gauge wheels, HO, S and O Turntables and O Gauge Trolley cars.

I. Tooling includes the following:
1. Steam Locos, dockside, Baby Trainmaster and Aero Train
includes new locos in development: PRR K-5, USRA, Heavy 2-8-2, 2-10-0, 4-6-2, 4-6-4
2. Selley Finishing Touches HO and O
3. Cary - die cast diesel and steam loco bodies
4. O Trolleys and Power mechanism for Corgi Birney and PCC
5. Arbour 6 or 7 Steam Locos made by spin casting
6. Bowser Turntables - HO, O, and S
7. Varney Brass Box Cars and Reefers
8. Menzies steel Box car tooling
9. Standard and O Gauge wheels
10. Bowser O People
11. Pittman motor tooling DC-77, DC-60, DC-195, DC-84, DC-86
12. Metal HO trolley bodies (Brill, PCC, IRR and LVT Jewett) and floors

2. Large inventory of parts (precise inventory not available at this time)

3. Specific Tooling Included:
One (1) Zinc die casting machine
One (1) Spin caster
One (1) Melting pot
One (1) Wax injectors
One (1) Wax injector - vacuum assist
Bell jars
One (1) Spring table
One (1) Vacuum casting machine
One (1) Burnout Furnace
One (1) Metal furnace
Flasks for casting
One (1) Vacuum pump
One (1) Mixer
One (1) Glass bead blaster cabinet
One (1) 18 Ton punch press
One (1) 3 Ton punch press - hand operated
Two (2) Rapid Air automatic feeds for punch press
One (1) Coil holder for punch press
One (1) Die casting machine and tools to match
Three (3) kick presses
One (1) Fray mill
One (1) Reid Grinder
One (1) 5c Precision Spin Fix -
One (1) 5c spin fixture
One (1) Magnetic Angle Plate
One (1) Gauge Block Set
One (1) Gauge Pin Set
One (1) Granite Block
One (1) Surface height gauge
One (1) Atlas lathe
One (1) Harding speed lathe and collets
One (1) Single spindle CNC
One (1) 12 tool CNC
Two (2) 5c cnc spin head and tail stock and control boxes
One (1) Panel saw for cutting 4 x 8 sheets
One (1) Wood Bandsaw
One (1) Metal cutting bandsaw
Six (6) drill presses
Two (2) tappers
One (1) Optical Comparator with digital readout
One (1) paint booth
Two (2) Autoroll pad printing machines
One (1) Vibrator tumbler
Three (3) steel trays of extra machine clamps
Tooling, jigs, dies, patterns, molds for production of above

Computer drawings, advertising, instructions, photos etc
Copy of the Access data base for bills of
material and inventory listing
Copy of the Bowser web (information steam locos and other parts)
Hundreds of tools to make parts
Zinc die casting molds
Rubber molds for wax casting of Cary parts
Rubber molds for spin casting pewter parts

And much more

Note: This is desired to be an "all or nothing" transaction.

Interested buyers initially must contact Lee English by email.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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