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Ever wonder how much it costs to run a site like Keystone Crossings? Fortunately, not as much as it used to!

For many years, the site was run out of my home office. It consisted of two servers, an internet connection that cost $75 a month, and the cost of keeping server software up-to-date... not to mention the cost of acquisition of documents to scan and share! Nearly all of the funding was provided by Merchandise Service, my former model railroad supply business.


About five years ago the cost of commercial hosting dropped significantly and I migrated the hosting out of my office to a cloud provider. The annual cost is now under $200 with unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. Win!

I've also moved to free, open source CMS (content management system) software to manage the site. However, it has several commercial "extensions" which add functionality and several hundred dollars to the annual cost of operation. Then there's that "acquisition of documents" thing again.

Bottom line, I spend about $600 per year on the site. Doesn't seem like a lot, till you add in college loans for two children, two additional vehicles, etc. Yikes! The choices are getting tougher.

If you use Keystone Crossings regularly and value it as a resource, please consider a donation. Every ten bucks makes a difference. If you donate $25, you can specify one of my "scan pending" documents from the site and I will advance it to the head of the stack!

On the main page you will find a box on the right to donate via PayPal. You do NOT have to have a PayPal account in order to donate via PayPal. 

I appreciate your consideration. Thank you.

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