HO Scale: EMD GP9 PRR Class EFS17m Announced

Athearn GP9

Athearn Genesis has announced a new run of EMD GP9's, including two versions of Pennsy units, which were classed EFS17m.

The ”Standard Railroad of the World”. A claim the Pennsylvania Railroad made with pride. And why shouldn’t they? When it came to equipment and miles they were big – very big. In 1947 the Pennsy had more freight cars than anybody and twice as many as their nearest competitor, the good old NYC.

They had some strong opinions when it came to steam locomotives, freight car design and railroad operations. When we start to talk about these GP9s the opposite is true. It would seem that the mechanical department looked at the EMD order sheet and didn’t check but one box. Other than the dynamic brake option, these units are very “standard”.

Athearn has picked two different locomotive orders for this delivery of PRR geeps. The first two units come from an order delivered in November 1955. Numbers 7024 and 7046 are typical phase 2 units with four 36” fans, the rear fuel fill and slotted side skirts. Numbers 7117 and 7138, delivered in June 1957, are just a bit different; they are early phase 3 units with four 36” fans and a forward fuel fill with typical phase 3 side sill.

All four of these Geeps have our newly tooled PRR classic “train phone” antenna.

Era: 1954+

Without Sound:
ATHG64100 HO GP9, PRR #7024
ATHG64101 HO GP9, PRR #7046
ATHG64102 HO GP9, PRR #7117
ATHG64103 HO GP9, PRR #7138

With Sound:
ATHG64300 HO GP9 w/DCC & Sound, PRR #7024
ATHG64301 HO GP9 w/DCC & Sound, PRR #7046
ATHG64302 HO GP9 w/DCC & Sound, PRR #7117
ATHG64303 HO GP9 w/DCC & Sound, PRR #7138

#7024 & 7046: Phase 2 body with dynamic brakes and train phone antenna.
#7117 & 7138: Phase 3 body with dynamic brakes and train phone antenna.

MSRP $189.98 without sound; $289.98 with Tsunami 2 sound. Guaranteed order deadline March 24, 2017; delivery January 2018.

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