HO Scale: PRR F34 Flat Car Decals Released

MVS HO F34 Proof large

Mount Vernon Shops has released HO scale decals for the PRR F34 flat car. They will be available next week at the PRRT&HS annual meeting. The MSRP is $9.00 per set.

The F34 flatcar was a true oddball, even by Pennsy standards. Only 3 cars were built, due to the capacity needs dictated by its customers for moving larger forgings, turbines and fabrications. The first two were initially built at Altoona in November 1938, with an additional single car being completed in April 1943. Due to the service they were in, the entire car fleet lasted into early Conrail.


They had a load limit of 375,000 pounds, however the light weight differed between the two orders of cars because of a slight design change in the heavy-duty trucks. So, the initial 2 cars built in 1938, the light weight was 104900 pounds, but the later single additional car built in 1943, the light weight was 106200 pounds.

This sheet has enough data to do all 3 cars. There are two different reweigh/repack dates covering locations where these cars frequented with various reweigh dates as well.

The F34 has been done in a “close” plastic kit by Athearn as a Heavy-duty Flatcar. The F34 was also imported by Railworks, Ltd. in brass.

For painting this flatcar in this scheme, the entire car including underbody is to be painted in Freight Car Color. The trucks are painted black.

For references in regard to the PRR's F34 Class Flatcar fleet, please consult the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society's publication, Pennsylvania Railroad Flat Cars, Revenue & Work Equipment, 1881-1968, by Al Buchan and Elden Gatwood and Volumes 1-3 of the PRR Color Guide.

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