HO Scale: X37 Series Box Car Decals Released

MVS HO X37 Proof

Mount Vernon Shops has released a new set of decals for HO scale PRR X37, X37A & X37B box cars in the Circle Keystone scheme.

Realizing the great demands to be placed upon the PRR during a war situation, the PRR created a "1939 program", which included the building of new box cars. The X37 became the "WW2 box car" for the PRR's fleet. This fleet of 3,000 cars helped greatly in the wartime demands placed upon the PRR. Included is a spreadsheet of the complete X37 roster and one listing the specific service assignments for X37 and X37B boxcars, with some having additional annotations depending on the service. The X37 lasted through the Circle Keystone scheme into the mid-to late 1950’s when they were repainted into the Shadow Keystone scheme.

This sheet includes enough data for 6 cars. Data is included for 3 X37, 1 X37A and 2 X37B. Scale codes for Enola (P50), Altoona (P57), Northumberland, PA (P129), Pitcairn, PA (P203), Ft. Wayne, IN (P441), Terre Haute, IN (P712), and Buffalo, NY (P283) have been included. Due to the consecutive numbering of the X37 subclasses, a number prefix has been given with pre-set numbers to fill in the last three digits of the car, making this sheet more flexible. Also additional numbers have been provided to create your own number. See the diagram for proper placement.

The X37 and X37B have been produced by Funaro & Camerlengo in resin kit form. The X37A, although only 2” taller than the X37, hasn’t been produced yet.

In the Circle Keystone scheme (pre-1954), the entire car is to be painted in Freight Car Color; the underbody and trucks are to be painted black.

There is an article covering the PRR X37 fleet in The Keystone, Vol. 14, No. 4; published by the PRRT&HS, and additional photos may be found in Volumes 1-3 of the PRR Color Guide.

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