HO Scale: X38 Box Car Released

PRR X38 Box Car

Funaro & Camerlengo has released two resin kits of the PRR X38 box car. 

The X38 was a 50'-6" riveted steel box car with double doors over a 14'6" opening (7' & 7'6"), 10 panel sides (4 to left and 6 to right of door), 5/5 dreadnaught ends, and equipped with racks for auto parts.

Five hundred were built in 1940 with a X29-style roof and wood roof walk. 1,500 were built in 1941-42 with a Stanray Murphy panel roof and metal roof walks. Another 200 were built in 1944.

You can learn more about this class in X38 Series Box Car Information for Modelers on Keystone Crossings. 

F&C is offering two kits, each with an MSRP of $49.99:

#8460 - Pennsylvania X38 50' Automobile Boxcar with Wood Roofwalk, Panel Roof and Decals

#8461 - Pennsylvania X38 50' Automobile Boxcar with Wood Roofwalk, Recessed Roof and Decals

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