Keystone Crossings Updates

Just a quick note to everyone that I have enhanced the functionality of Keystone Crossings. I have a long list of features to add and content to process and I recently got motivated to re-engage.

I've added a forum component to the site. Both prototypic and modeling topics are permitted. Not to take anything away from the mailing lists that are out there, and FaceBook, but this venue will feature better preservation and access of topics over the long term. I won't be disappointed if it does not become widely used, as I will be using it for FAQ documents moving forward. Previous FAQ's have already been converted as initial content. You must be logged in to participate! When you visit Keystone Crossings, you can access the forums via the Discuss menu link at right.

I've also updated the comment system used throughout the site. Previously there were comment capabilities on blog posts, but not on static articles throughout the site. A unified comment system is now available for both blog entries and the static content.

Soon I will be tackling a complete re-write of the database access. Caching of results has been an issue when users try to bring up individual records.


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