N Scale: James' Train Parts Releases BS-24 Kit



About this Product

This is an N scale kit for a Baldwin RT-624 (Sometimes called a DT6-6-2400) locomotive.  These locomotives where predominantly used by the Pennsylvania Railroad who had 23, the Minneapolis, Northfield and Southern Railway also had 1.

The kit will include the main body shell and handrails, 2 replacement truck side frames & 2 cab interiors with engineers.  Additional etched brass handrails, sun visors, MU pipes and antenna (train phone) are also available, please contact me for details.

This kit is designed to be used with Atlas C-628/630 powered chassis.

This kit is only printable in the FUD material and will require cleaning before painting.  I recommend washing with warm soapy water then soaking in 'Goo Gone' or similar product for about 24 hours.  Then rinsing off with warm water and allowing to dry.

The kit requires an Atlas C-628/630 powered chassis and 2 Micro-Trains N Scale body mount couplers (1015 or 1016) which are not included.

Cost is $55.00 and can be ordered here. 

An instruction sheet will be available in PDF format from my blog site.

For more information please see my blog - www.jamestrainparts.wordpress.com


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