N Scale: PRR T1 Announced


Equipped with full sound, smoke, and Rolling Thunder for DC and DCC, this unique locomotive will be a sure crowd pleaser.  The Pennsylvania Railroad T1 4-4-4-4-4 may look and sound like an articulated locomotive, but it really was a rigid frame locomotive with a second pair of cylinders dividing the drivers.  Thus, making this a duplex drive locomotive.  The design was a successful one and after a trial of 2 locomotives, an order was placed between Baldwin Locomotive Works and Altoona Shops. Our model represents the production locomotives, as they appeared in 1950.


  • New Paragon3 Sound & Operation system featuring Rolling Thunder with authentic operations in both DC and DCC enviroments
  • Constant intensity directional lighting
  • All-wheel drive and electrical pickup
  • Model availiable in six road numbers

Price: $399.99

Broadway Limited Imports

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