New Discussion Feature on Keystone Crossings

I've just rolled out a new feature on Keystone Crossings that encourages discussion.

A Joomla (my content management system) extension called Kunena provides a forum component, which replaces our previous forum component, EasyDiscuss.

EasyDiscuss featured the many FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) for the site, and these have been transferred to the new forum.

I've also added a general discussion area, aptly named PRR-talk, where participants can discuss prototype and modeling subjects in one location.

The real meat of the new forum is that it extends as a comment management tool. The former comment management -- which appeared at the bottom of every static article on Keystone Crossings -- was Komento. Kunena extends the forum feature to where you would expect the comment entry area on an article to be.

Every article on the site now has an automatically created topic in the forum. If you enter a comment from the article page, it shows up in the forum. If you enter a reply in the forum, it will display with the comments back on the article page. 

For those that visit the forum, you can view Recent Topics to see what people are asking about, and perhaps provide your insights. You can also post corrections for the data within the article.

I think this is a really valuable feature and hope it will take off. Please visit the new Forum and check it out.

One last note... you must login to participate. This is the only way to prevent massive amounts of SPAM. Your login is the same as used throughout the site, so if you established an account for survey response, it is one and the same.

Oh, and one more thing, as Columbo would say, I've been migrating my photo gallery from an external application, CopperMine, into the Joomla site. I am about 90% done with that effort. A side effect of that effort has been a lot of broken image links throughout the site. I will be relinking them over the next few weeks. Thank you for your patience!

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