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Planned maintenance on the PENNSYRR.COM and related web sites has been completed. There may be a few broken links or missing images that I will fix over the coming days.

In a nutshell, the domains and sites were migrated off of "SlowDaddy" to SiteGround, a hosting provider that specializes in Joomla hosting (content management system, a.k.a CMS). The biggest improvement is that it uses solid state drive (SSD) storage which is wicked fast, especially for databases. The migration also brings with it an upgrade to PHP, the underlying language of the site. GoDaddy was several versions behind, with no road map to update, and it was becoming a security liability.

The move seems to have gone well, but as they say, you don't know for sure until you "go live"!

"Keystone Crossings", the flagship site of PENNSYRR.COM, is in its 19th year of operation and has served more than 20 million pages worldwide. As of this writing it features 456 articles, 215 web links, 704 blog posts, and over 50 thousand database records.

To make the move the most cost effective, I prepaid for three years of hosting. So if you enjoy the sites and can afford a small contribution, it would be appreciated. Use the Support This Site link to the right, which allows you to make a donation via PayPal, without the need for an actual PayPal account.

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