PRR F29 Decals Released

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Mount Vernon Shops has released a new decal set for PRR F29 flat cars.

The F29 flatcar was the first true depressed center flatcar design by the Pennsylvania Railroad. Ten riveted depressed center flats were built from August to September 1927, and an additional ten were built from July to September 1929. The roster of 20 cars was designed to meet the needs of Westinghouse’s transformer division so the PRR could monopolize this traffic. The fleet last into Penn Central, however due to age they started to get scrapped and only one was repainted completely into PC green.

This sheet has enough data to do 4 cars, 2 in the as-built scheme and 2 in the later block PRR lettering. The set comes equipped with 1 ready-to-apply number in the as-built scheme with prefix provisions (43549X, 43550X, 47000X) to do the other 19 numbers. The 3 ready to apply numbers in the block lettering are accurate with data matched from the 10/1974 ORER while in service for Penn Central. There are different reweigh/repack dates covering locations where these cars frequented.

The F29 has been offered as a resin kit by Funaro & Camerlengo. Also, the F29 was imported by Railworks, Ltd., in brass.

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