Book: The Pennsylvania Railroad in Columbus

The Pennsylvania Railroad in Columbus, Ohio, by Rick Tipton. Published by the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society, 2011.

Hardbound 8½” x 11” 188 pages with 334 illustrations (the large majority, photos). Chapter 1, A Short History of Columbus Railroads, PRR Lines into Columbus, Other Lines and Connections at Columbus; Chapter 2, Columbus Union Depot and its Passenger Trains; Chapter 3, St. Clair Avenue Enginehouse; Chapter 4, Pennsy Freight Yards; Chapter 5, 20th St. Shops; Chapter 6, The Columbus & Newark C&N; Chapter 7, Columbus & Xenia C&X; Chapter 8, Chicago Columbus & Indiana Central CC⁣ Chapter 9, The Akron Branch CA&C; Chapter 10, The Sandusky Branch.

Maps in Rear Pocket: Columbus Railroads, 1893; Columbus Railroad Facilities, 1934; Columbus Railroads and Industries, 1962; Port Columbus to Olentangy, 1958, Yards in Columbus and Bradford, 1928; Alum Creek to “RA,” 1945; The Enginehouse at Spruce Street, c.1950; The Freight House at 4th & Naughten Sts., 1941; St. Clair Enginehouse and its Environs, 1951 and St. Clair Diesel Servicing Facilities, 1956.

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