Report of the Chief Engineer, Q3 2017


The Chief Engineer of the PRR Middle Division in HO Scale is pleased to report continued progress on the 43rd sub division.

This quarter, progress was made across all aspects of the railroad. Fascia control panels were added on the Milroy Secondary and existing panels were upgraded. Featuring Barrett Hill "Touch Toggles", turnouts are now controlled by touch on a schematic diagram which displays the current position of switches.

Scenery is well underway along Roundhouse Road, between the road crossing at LEWIS and the roundhouse at Lewistown Junction.

Laser-cut car card box labels were meticulously painted and applied to the card boxes. Car cards and many waybills have been generated.

Two laser-cut PRR tool sheds were constructed and weathered as part of a PRR-Pro project.

Jerry Britton, 43rd sub manager, earned the NMRA Golden Spike Award and has been approved to receive the Electrical Engineer and Chief Dispatcher AP certificates.

"Two open houses are currently scheduled and the first op session will be announced very soon."

The Middle Division will be open on October 13, 2017, in conjunction with the NMRA Mid-East Region regional convention, being held in Harrisburg.

The Middle Division will also be open on November 19, 2017, in conjunction with The Model Railroad Open House.

The first op session -- more of a quality control "run session" -- will be scheduled very soon, perhaps as early as mid-December.

The quarterly report is available here.

​Scenery work is underway along Roundhouse Road.

A pair of tool sheds were constructed as part of a PRR Pro project.

The Golden Spike is one of three NMRA awards earned this quarter.

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