Roster Additions

Over the past few weeks, the Middle Division has welcomed a number of new items to its roster.

Today a Broadway Limited Imports Alco RSD-15 arrived. Bearing road number 8616, this represents class AS24m. These didn't arrive on the

Pennsy until 1956, so this locomotive is at the very tail end of my roster.

A few weeks ago, I received a Bowser X32 box car custom painted by John Frantz and lettered using his own Mount Vernon Shops decals as car 48302, a class X32d, equipped for automotive parts in dedicated service for Chevrolet.

I also snagged five N8 cabin car kits from TrainWorld. On a tip from Kirk Fisher, they were offered for $9.95. They'll be repainted and given appropriate road numbers and division assignments.

I've also made progress in the construction of the model railroad, but I'll provide a separate post in a few days.

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