Waybill Industry Files: 1945 PRR Atlantic Division Released

Waybill Industry Files: 1945 PRR Atlantic Division Released

Keystone Crossings previously announced support for Shenware's Protoype Industries (Waybills) and Industry Manager (IndMan) software for perusing and searching industry databases for use in creating waybills for model railroad operations.

We have now posted the PRR Atlantic Division (235 records). Previously released was the Baltimore & Eastern Railroad (71 records), Huntingdon & Broad Top Mountain Railroad (82 records), New York & Long Branch Railroad (164 records),  PRR Delmarva Division (365 records), PRR Maryland Division (1350 records), PRR Middle Division (735 records), PRR New York Division (1268 records), PRR Wilkes Barre Division (526 records), PRR Philadelphia Division (1326 records), PRR Philadelphia Terminal Division (1498 records), PRR Pittsburgh Division (963 records), and PRR Williamsport Division (730 records). The PRR Eastern Region is now available in its entirety!

Please visit Model Railroad Waybills Using Prototypic PRR Industry DataMore to come each week or two!

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