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Brian Wolfe's WMRY – Blue Ridge Division


Brian Wolfe's WMRY – Blue Ridge Division
Brian Wolfe's WMRY – Blue Ridge Division
Sat, November 11, 2017, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Brian Wolfe's WMRY – Blue Ridge Division - Blue Ridge Summit, PA
Open House
Created by:
TJ Fedor


Brian Wolfe's WMRY – Blue Ridge Division
Brian Wolfe's WMRY – Blue Ridge Division
15015 Buchanan Trail East
Blue Ridge Summit
United States
Lenz DCC
NMRA Division:
South Mountain


The Western Maryland Railway's Blue Ridge Division represents the Western Maryland Railway from Ridgley WV to Baltimore MD. Also included is the York Branch to York PA and a NEW branch from Ridgley WV to the Consolidation Coal Company Ocean No. 1 mine on the George’s Creek Branch. The time frame is 1970. It is an HO-scale layout which occupies a 30' x 45' basement, with a crew lounge, workshop, and dispatcher's office. The railroad is designed to operate and look as much like the real Western Maryland as possible in the space available. First generation diesels, ALCo RS-2's, chop-nosed GP7’s and GP9's, and F7 A/B/A sets are still mainline power and ply the rails every day. Part of the layout, from the previous railroad which was free-lanced, has been incorporated into the new railroad. The new railroad has been built as close as possible to match the prototype. Baltimore is represented by a 5-track staging yard that is the east end of the railroad. From Baltimore trains head west towards Cumberland, and along the way trains pass through Union Bridge, Highfield, Edgemont on their way to Hagerstown which is the main classification yard of the railroad. Hagerstown is where the WM has connections with N&W and Reading railroads. The yard contains tracks east and west bound classification, the wye, and the South Yard which serves as the N&W interchange yard. Then heading west is Williamsport which is represented with the Edison Power Plant, C&O Canal, Tannery, and the Cushwa Brick Plant. Reading’s Rutherford Yard is represented as a staging yard at the end of the Lurgan Line. The York Sub departs the mainline at Highfield, and proceeds to Spring Grove, Thomasville, West York, Lincoln Yard, and downtown York which is the north end of the railroad and a connection to the PRR. Construction on the new layout began in 2004 using open grid, L-girder, and cantilevered bench work. Scenery is hardshell over foam and window screenmaterial and uses Brandt's Scenery Compound and Woodland Scenics Plaster Cloth. Atlas Code 83 is the track of choice. Control is by Lenz DCC. Operation is via the car card/waybill system and train movements are controlled by the dispatcher. A second level has been installed from Highfield to Baltimore with the cement plant at Union Bridge and a helix west of Williamsport that takes trains to the second level which represents the Ridgley WV yard. South of Ridgley is is a large coal mine on the George’s Creek Branch. At this time, over 200 cars occupy the railroad.