Chicago, Burlington & Quincy incorporates BRE on May 1, 1926. While maintaining separate ownership, BRE joins operations with FGE.

Painting & Lettering

Burlington Refrigerator Express (BREX) was the minor partner in the FGE/WFE/BRE cooperative operation. Cars painted similarly to FGE, WFE. I don't have the differences yet, but Microscale offers decal sets (under Chicago Burlington & Quincy) for two eras: 1926-1957 and 1957-1970. The differences probably include "VENTILATOR-REFRIGERATOR" vs. "REFRIGERATOR" only. Ben Hom suggests "the definitive reference is Burlington Bulletin #12, an all-BREX issue still available from the Burlington Route Historical Society (

HO Scale ModelsFGE Wood Refrigerator

Wood Refrigerator Car

InterMountain #47705


InterMountain #47727 - Burlington Northern [Late]


R-70-20 Refrigerator Car

InterMountain #48814 - Burlington Northern - White [1971]

InterMountain #48817 - Burlington Northern - Yellow [1985]

InterMountain #48816 - Burlington Northern - Green [1987]