As of December 31, 1950, the following quantities of tank cars were rostered in North America, according to the Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER). This list does not include milk tanks, vinegar tanks, pickle tanks or tanks specifically denoted for company service. Compiled by Jerry Britton.

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L M N P R S T UP W    Individual railroads

Railroad Reporting Marks Tank Cars Models
Union Tank Car Company UTLX, UTCX, UTX, PX 42,488 InterMountain UTLX
Red Caboose UTLX (via InterMountain)
Red Caboose UTLX "Skelgas" (via InterMountain)
General American Transportation Corp. - General American Tank Line GATX 37,696 InterMountain
Red Caboose "Flying A" (via InterMountain)
Red Caboose "DuPoint" (via InterMountain)
Tangent Scale Models (8k "Roma Wine", "Diamond Chemical", "White Lease")
Tangent Scale Models (6k "Black Lease")
Resin Car Works (8k "Clinton")
Shipper's Car Line Corp. SHPX, SERX, PCIX 9,974 InterMountain SHPX
InterMountain SHPX "Pan-Am"
InterMountain SHPX "Phillips Petroleum"
InterMountain SHPX "Bell Oil"
InterMountain SHPX "Woburn Degreasing"
InterMountain SHPX "Pan-Am Oils"
Red Caboose SHPX (via InterMountain)
Red Caboose SHPX "FMC Corp." (via InterMountain)
Resin Car Works (8k "Shippers", "Cities", "Paluxy Asphalt", "US Rubber")
Sinclair Refining Company SDRX, UNPX, PARX, FMTX 5,086 Red Caboose SDRX (via InterMountain)
North American Car Corp. NATX 4,459  
General American Transportation Corp. - The Texas Company TCX 3,773  
Department of the Army CWSX, USAX, USOX, USQX 3,396  
Canadian General Transit Company CGTX 2,387 InterMountain
Gulf Oil Corp. GRCX 1,508  
Allied Chemical & Dye Corp. - Barrett Division BMX 1,305  
Sun Oil Company SUNX 952  
E. I. Du Pont de Nemours & Company DUPX 736  
Allied Chemical & Dye Corp. - Solvay Process Division SPX 676  
Allied Chemical & Dye Corp. - General Chemical Division GCX 653  
Cosden Petroleum Corp. CPCX 591  
General American Transportation Corp. - Swift Tank Line SWTX 505  
North American Car Corp. AESX 336  Tangent Scale Models (8k "Staley")
Bay Terminal Railroad Co. BTRR 325  
United States Navy USNX 316  
General American Transportation Corp. - Linde Air Products Company LAPX 283  
East Jersey Railroad and Terminal Co. EJR 260  
Crystal Car Line CCLX 257  
Armor Tank Line ATLX 241  
Standard Brands Inc. SBIX 235  
Allied Chemical & Dye Corp. - Semet-Solvay Division SSLX 214 InterMountain
General American Transportation Corp. - Pennsylvania-Conley Tank Line CYCX 188  
Kansas City Southern Ry. Co. KCS 182  
Hercules Powder Company HPCX 177  
Consolidated Chemical Industries CCIX 176  
John H. Grace Company DRDX 170  
Koppers Company KPCX 167  
Chicago and North Western System CNW 162  
General American Transportation Corp. - Scurlock Tank Car Company ECSX 143  
Dow Chemical Company DOWX 135  
Dow Chemical Company - Texas Division DTDX 132  
Ferrocarril Mexicano FCM 122  
Fort Worth and Denver City Railway Co. FW&D 91  
General American Transportation de Mexico, S. A. GAMX 80  
Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad Co. GM&O 63  
General American Transportation Corp. - Cumberland Gasoline Corp. CGAX 58  
General American Transportation Corp. - Pennsylvania-Conley Tank Line PTX 46  
Central of Georgia Railway CG 36  
General American Transportation Corp. - Inland Empire Refineries, Inc. IERX 36  
Atlas Power Company APCX 34   
General American Transportation Corp. - Wasatch Oil Company, Idaho Division WOX 26  
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway C&O 24  
Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. JLSX 24 Funaro & Camerlengo
Morrell Tank Line MTX 22  
Ford Motor Company FRDX 21  
Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Company (Standard Gauge) D&RGW 18  
Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Railway BAP 17  
General American Transportation Corp. - Baker Castor Oil Co. BCOX 15  
Alton and Southern Railroad AL&S 12  
Quanah, Acme & Pacific Ry. Co. QAP 12  
Mexican Pacific Railroad Co. M del P 8  
East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad Company ET&WNCRR 6  
Port Angeles Western Railroad Company PAWRR 4  
Colorado & Wyoming Railway C&W 3  
Longview, Portland & Northern Railway LP&N 2  
Ashley, Drew and Northern Ry. Co. AD&N 1  
Bamberger Railroad Co. B 1  
Belt Railway Company of Chicago BRC 1  
Berwind-White Coal Mining Co. BWCX 1  
Colorado & Southern Railway C&S 1  
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western R. R. Co. DL&W 1  
Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Company (Standard Gauge) D&SL 1  
Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway Co. EJ&E 1