1946, Oct. 29-30, Inspection of Physical Property by Board of Directors Between Philadelphia and Altoona. Westward via Parkesburg, Columbia, Enola, Williamsport, Tyrone. Eastward via Passenger Line. Courtesy of Jerry Britton. (Scan pending.)

1952, Oct. 13, Inspection Trip. New York to Enola-Harrisburg. Courtesy of Jerry Britton. (Scan pending.)

1955, May 11, Inspection Trip by Special Train and Boat: New York to Philadelphia and Return. For the National Federation of Financial Analysts Societies, including the Fairless Steel Works at Morrisville as guests of the U.S. Steel Corporation. Courtesy of Jerry Britton. (Scan pending.)

1956, Nov. Board of Directors Inspection Trip booklet. Courtesy of Jerry Britton.