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Map: Pennsylvania Railroad Connections East of Pittsburgh, 1949


Harrisburg Divisio

Map: Harrisburg, Pa.: Retirement of 14,400 Lin. Ft. of Track Including 37 Turnouts and Two Crossing Frog at "Harris" and "State" Interlockings. Nov. 1964; revised to Nov. 1965. Similar to "valuation" style maps, this highly detailed map -- in 1" = 200' scale -- shows all original trackage and structures as of the 1937 electrification (I beleive) and indicates the first trackage to be removed in the mid-1960's. Extends from Dock Street to the south, through the coach yards, freight houses, REA area, the station, to the throat of the locomotive terminal to the north. A "must have" for the Harrisburg modeler! Original for scanning provided by the Harrisburg Chapter of the NRHS.

Maryland Division

Hank Mummert drew this map of Baltimore in the area of Pennsylvania Station. It shows the relationships between the various PRR lines, the B&O, and the Ma&Pa. Note: The Union Junction wye and roundhouse should be just east of Guilford Avenue, not west as shown.

Middle Division

Diagram: Lewistown Yard, 1886.

Philadelphia Division

Plan 7513, Eastern Region, Eastern Penna. Division, Philadelphia Division Detour Map, Nov 24, 1948. This 22" by 36" map shows the "Detour Routes in Case of Emergency" dispatchers would use. It also indicates engine restrictions on these routes based on curvature, weight, and clearance. Detail of numerous junctions is provided, as are connections with other railroads. Original for scanning provided by David Wartell.

Reading Railroad map of Harrisburg, Pa., which clearly shows much of the Pennsylvania Railroad plant. Dated 1934 and corrected to 1972. Scale is 1" = 400'. Provided by Dan Cupper.

Another Reading Railroad map of Harrisburg, Pa., which clearly shows much of the Pennsylvania Railroad plant, but has more detail as to the Reading coach yard tracks, etc. Dated 1934. Provided by Rick Bates, Publications Editor, RCT&HS.

Philadelphia Terminal Division

Map illustrating General Order No. 805, Zone C General Order No. 805, Zone C. Army and Navy Football Game Facilities, Municipal Stadium, Philadelphia, Pa., Saturday Only Nov. 27 1954. Diagram showing switches, signals & information for one time event. This is the temporary setup that inspired the famous Grif Teller calendar painting.



Track Chart: Central Division, Sunbury Division: Selinsgrove to Lewistown, Milroy Branch


Track Chart, Central Region, Pittsburgh Division, Branches, Correct to 1931. Includes Monongahela River Line, White Hall Branch, Axle Works Branch, Streets Run Branch, Port Perry Branch, East Pittsburgh Branch, McKeesport Branch, Brilliant Branch, Duquesne Way Elevated Branch, Turtle Creek Branch, Lyons Run Branch, Essler Branch, Southwest Branch, Radebaugh Branch, Brush Creek Branch, Bull Run Branch, Jeanette Branch, Manor Branch, Youghiogheny Branch, East Pittsburgh Branch, Alexandria Branch, Dundale Branch, Jamison Branch, New Florence Branch, Bolivar Branch, Bradenton Branch, Bradenton Branch (Short Spur), Unity Branch, Lippencott Branch, Whitney Branch, Summerhill Branch, Johnstown Branch, Sang Hollow Ext. Branch, South Fork Branch, Beaver Branch, Llanfair Branch, Paint Creek Branch, Eureke Branch No. 37, Shade Creek Branch, Reitz Branch, Eureka No. 31 Branch, Windber Branch, Curry Mill Branch, New Portage Branch, Lilly Branch, Bens Creek Branch, Sonman Branch, and Martin Branch. Courtesy of Randy Williamson.

Each time the PRR made a major divisional reorganization, the accounting department released a new set of divisional maps. We hope to post as many full sets as possible; we would appreciate loan for scanning of any other sets.

1927 Division Accounting Maps. Provided by J. McDaniel.

1941 Division Accounting Maps. Provided by Robert O'Leary.

1951 -- we know these exist but have yet to locate a set.

1956 -- we know these exist but have yet to locate a set.

1958 Division Maps.

1964 Division Maps via

These maps are undated, but determined to be from between 12/10/24 and 6/8/27.

Scans provided by J. McDaniel. This set of division maps was believed to be from circa 1920. If anyone can provide a more accurate date, please contact me.

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